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We Took Part in IFAT 2018

World's Most Important Wastewater Treatment Technologies Fair IFAT 2018

We took part in IFAT 2018, the world's most important wastewater treatment technology fair held in Germany from 14-18 May 2018.

You can reach to the interview of Ömer Kaya, our sales and marketing manager, published in Su and Çevre Magazine, on the IFAT Fair from the following article.

"Industry 4.0 ..."
"We participated IFAT for the 5th time this year. Through this fair we find opportunities to meet companies from all over the world. Therefore, we regularly attend IFAT. We exhibited our pneumatic and electric actuated butterfly valves and ball valves used in water treatment systems, as well as our solenoid valves with NSF (drinking water compliance) certificate. Our NSF certified solenoid valve was especially interesting. Thanks to this document, solenoid valves can be used in drinking water applications without posing a threat to human health. Besides, interest for our pneumatic and electric actuated valve solutions is great. We have also exhibited the ball valves of VARNASAN company, which we have incorporated in 2017. Varnasan products were among our interesting products also.
IFAT is a very successful organization for the water treatment sector. It is a fair visited by people from many countries of the world. So much so that we had visitors from various countries, from South America to Japan. For this reason, IFAT is a great opportunity for us to introduce our products to potential customers internationally. In addition to this, it is very proud to see many companies from our country as exhibitors in the fair. In this way, we are advertising our country in our sectors to the world countries. As TORK company we export to 87 countries. Our contribution to this and other fairs has been a significant contribution for contacting international countries.”
"The first thing that caught my attention to the fair was that the work on Industry 4.0 also jumped into the treatment sector. This gives us the signal that automation technologies will increase in the future. This is a sign that our demands for our business will grow. Therefore, it is very important for us to make our products suitable for emerging trends and not to be behind the times. At the same time, we are creating a pioneering technology by transforming this exchange, a great chance that we can make a difference in the sector, increase our momentum in this area and become a preferred company. The process needs to be evaluated well. Besides, we see that European companies are mainly participating in the fair. Naturally, people want to see more companies than their own country. The participation of Turkish companies is higher than the previous years, the advertisements of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Machinery Promotion Group are attracting attention to Turkish companies successfully. I hope these studies will continue in the future. "


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